Flying with kids, under the new COVID 19 restrictions


With the summer holidays approaching, you may find your thoughts are turned towards your packing. Love it or hate it, it’s a necessity.

However, did you ever think that a face mask would be at the top of the list?

For holidays to go ahead, and to comply with government guidelines we will all be required to wear a mask whilst at the airport and on the flight. As an adult, this won’t be the most relaxing and comfortable start to the holiday but if this means we can travel to the sun then it’s a price worth paying.

However, for those traveling with small children, it’s probably going to require a little more planning. Even the endless trips to the loo are not going to be easy, with restrictions on movement around the cabin.

Therefore entertaining the kids is going to be even more important. As any parent knows most children’s attention span is limited so you need to plan for fifteen-minute activity intervals. 

Technology could be your saviour with a plethora of games, puzzles, videos, and activities available on most iPhones, iPads, and game consoles. There are also some fantastic travel games in compact form, available to purchase in-store or online. All the old favourite’s like Guess who, battleships and snakes and ladders and suitable for all ages.

If that sounds a little over budget then card games such as snap or top trumps are always a winner. You can purchase a puzzle book for a few pounds with a wide range of puzzles and activities too.

One item which always worked with the boys was a sticker reward chart. If they complete the chart by the end of the flight then they can choose an inflatable for the pool or something similar. Those stickers are like magic to kids. Whatever magic they appear to hold , they keep kids happy and settled. As any parent will tell you this is great news.

Whilst on board the flight you want to make sure that you have lots of in flight snacks. A small supply of crisps, sandwiches, sweets, and dried fruit are always good. Try to limit the fluid intake though with the current toilet restrictions. There are the usual liquid restrictions on board so you will be unable to carry large amounts.

Anyone who has flown before knows that the cabin can be a little cramped so loose-fitting light clothing is always recommended. This doesn’t have to mean a compromise on style if you take a look at our style board. What you also have to remember is that the temperature is likely to rocket once you’ve landed. So those heavyweight jeans and jumper are probably going to be regretted later so bear this in mind.

With the current situation all being a little new we have to listen to the guidance of the government and foreign office. But I’m certain that traveling with a mask and under restrictions will soon become the new normal. 

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