Fruity Marshmallow Santa Kebabs

by OneChicMom

Are you looking for a fun, low syn and healthy snack, that all the family will love? Then look no further, these fun, Fruity Marshmallow Santa Kebabs will certainly tick all the boxes.

The Ingredients

Makes 2

2 Medium Sized Wooden Skewers
1 large banana
2 Strawberries
2 Standard sized Marshmallows
6 Plain Chocolate Drops


1. Slice the Banana and Marshmallows in half,  both across the centre (not length ways).

2. Thread half the marshmallow onto the skewer, followed by the banana, with the point of the banana pointing towards the top of the skewer, followed by the remaining marshmallow, leaving just enough room for the strawberry.

3. Thread the strawberry onto the top of the skewer for the Santa hat.

4. Arrange two chocolate drops for the Santa eyes and one for a jacket button, and that’s it enjoy. I have two teenagers in the house most of the time and they absolutely loved these.

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