Grumpy January – Get Over it Peeps

by OneChicMom

To say it’s the month of kick starting new resolutions and goals, January seriously is one of the most miserable months of the year. Whether it’s paying taxes, Christmas debt, or falling off the wagon spectacularly with your New Years Resolutions. Dry January has lasted two days, no one has any money, everyone has flu, the weather is pants, and the TV is continually bombarding you with doom and gloom.

Let’s Turn January Around – We are now in February

Get Over It Peeps, Time to turn this Miserable month on its head, we are now in February.

Stop making resolutions in January. Seriously instead of opting for dry January, just cut back a bit, stop setting yourselves up for failure.

Spring clean the house early, no-one likes clutter, don’t send it all to landfill, find a better use for the things you no longer need. Remember too Charity Shops need good quality seconds to sell, not a bag full of your rubbish.


Start looking for a summer holiday, you don’t have to book anything yet but dream away anyway, bikini body not essential.

A New Approach to Fitness

Don’t join a gym in January; I have done every year for as long as I can remember, all that happens is I go twice and then get stuck with a gym debt I’m no longer using. Wrap up warm and go out for a walk instead. Your bank balance and health will thank you for it.

Stop watching mindless crap; you know which shows I mean, on the TV and stop watching the same thing over and over again. Life is too short. Get a hobby instead or learn a new skill instead, something that you enjoy doing. 

Knitting at the moment. I wouldn’t say I was good at it, to be honest with you, I can only knit things that are small and rectangle in shape. So if tiny blankets and dog scarves are your things then don’t hesitate to give me a call. 

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