Hotels For Pets, The New Luxury for Our Furry Friends

by Nathan Honeyford

Let’s be honest, in a world (read, household) of chaos, dirty nappies, teenage socks, and muddy paws; it’s only natural that we search a little more luxury in our lives; be it a spa day or a luxury holiday. Our pets are part of our family, and having the guilt and anxiety attached to leaving them while we enjoy a break, may be out of the question. Fortunately, our prayers have been answered as we see the rise of luxury hotels for pets.

What Are These Hotels For Pets?

Forget the freezing kennels, and small run attached, a number of ‘hotels for pets’ are growing in popularity and offer us humans peace of mind when leaving our pets, safe in the knowledge that these hotels offer so much more than the standard kennel facility. Most of these luxury hotels for pets offer ‘spa’ like facilities, hydro grooming as standard when you book your pet in, and they will stay in a room with home comforts; a bed, a sofa(!), TV, and even heating and chandeliers in some cases. All pets will have 1 on 1 times daily, alongside at least 30 minutes of exercise and walkies in the great outdoors.

Better still, as the number of these luxury hotels for pets, grow, the prices aren’t unreasonable, and given the peace and knowledge that your pet is being well looked after, is more than worth it. I checked out one facility that had spa/grooming treatments included, 30 minutes of exercise, sofas, TV, regular cuddles, 1 on 1 time, and all food included (and the menu looked fit for a human!), for just £13.00 per dog a day. If you have multiple pets then the price will be discounted – and they even have rooms fit for all of your pets to stay together. If your home is overrun by 3 dogs, fear not, they won’t be split up at the luxury hotel and can share the fun and ‘break’ together.

Where Can I Find These Hotels?

A simple Google search will overrun you with local facilities that meet your specifications and your pet’s creature comforts. The rise of these luxury hotels for pets will ensure that you will probably find one within 20 miles of your home (unless, of course, you live in the middle of nowhere or half way up a mountain). Take a look at what your local hotels have on offer and even arrange a ‘taster day’ for your pet, so you can determine whether it’s something you’d be happy with on a longer term.

Hotel Or Family

I’m lucky in that I can rely on a retired family member to welcome my pet into her home and know that my pooch will be loved and cared for. However, I know that this isn’t always convenient and taking into consideration the dog’s needs, as well as my families, it’s possible that in future I’ll use the hotels for business trips. I’d prefer to start slowly and pick my pooch up after a day or two, so she gets the idea that I’ll always come back for her – no one wants their pet to worry unnecessarily that we won’t be back.

Take a look at the facilities around you and wave goodbye to your waggy tailed pet as they spend their holiday being pampered, loved, and exercised, while you enjoy yours, guilt free, by the pool!

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