It’s a Snow Day

by OneChicMom

With the met office issuing snow and ice warnings for many parts of the country, Winter has now arrived. There’s nothing quite so calming and beautiful as falling snow. We get so little of the fluffy stuff in this country; I always welcome a flurry or two.

Snow certainly brings out my inner child. If it does start to snow and it does start to settle, I always call a snow day at work. I drop everything, send everyone home, wrap up warm and head outside for some serious snow play.

Build an igloo, make a snowman, take the kids snowballing, or wrap up warm and go for a Winter walk. If you are a little more energetic then pull out the sleds and go tobogganing, we took the little dog one year, wrapped up in his cute Barbour dog jacket, he loved it.

Then head home to warm through with a mug of hot chocolate and homemade cookies, the perfect end to the snow day.


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