How to keep the kids entertained through the summer.


As a mum of two boys, I know what a battle it is to get the kids away from their Xbox or even break out of the comfort of their bedroom. Nothing has hit home more than the current lockdown situation and whilst most adults are happy to read a book, plant up some blooms, or grow a few veggies. It’s so much harder to get the kids outdoors …

I have found homeschooling difficult as well as juggling a full-time job but a friend of mine hit on a great idea which got me thinking. 

What she did was created an inset day… with holidays on the back burner for the foreseeable future she pitched the family tent in the garden. She let the kids create their sleeping area with duvets and pillows which they loved and strung up bunting and fairy lights. To keep everyone entertained they made old fashioned lemonade and played cards and board games .. because it was such a novelty the kids loved it. everyone was banned from having any tech and for tea, they cooked sausages on a disposable BBQ and dipped strawberry’s and marshmallow in melted chocolate once the BBQ had cooled down.

After tea, they created some stone designs using inexpensive paint pens picked up on eBay. As the evening light was fading they all enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies before a bit of star-spotting in the night sky. As no one had a set bedtime the kids just drifted off to bed once they could fight sleep no more. In the morning none of the kids were in a rush to return. now I’m not saying it would work every week but the inset day was a definite hit with the kids and they have asked if it can be repeated in the future…

Whilst I also appreciate that children need their schoolwork it doesn’t hurt to have the odd day and create some memories and enjoy family time instead. 

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