Living Off Grid – Escape to a More Simple Family Life


Living off grid is something you may have considered following the recent pandemic. There’s nothing like a pandemic to make you want to run to the hills. But just recently it has really got me thinking about what it would be like to live somewhere remote?

Ben Fogle’s recent series “ New Lives in the wild” has proved hugely popular and I think more people are now considering a new way of life. Whilst I think that some of the people featured have taken this to the extreme. The thought of living away from a bustling town or city but in a small village or remote location is really appealing.

Previously I would have never considered this idea because of the kids. But actually, during this recent lockdown period, they have shown me that they are quite happy at home in their own space. Whilst they do have the luxury of technology it’s actually been the more basic ideas which have been the most entertaining.

Living Off Grid – Grow Your Own


Living remotely would mean you would need to live more sustainable. I’m certain though that the kids would love to get involved in growing some fruit and vegetables. It’s only the fact that our current garden is small that we have never given it a go. With allotment plots, in high demand, it’s quite unlikely in our current situation.

However Living remotely would give you that space and freedom to do this and I’m sure with practice comes rewards. My only recent success was to grow a tomato plant and how much sweeter did they taste.

Living off Grid and having the freedom to be out in the countryside would give the children a huge backyard to play in. They could ride their bikes down the country lanes, build dens and explore. Although my children are teenagers now they are both quite into their fitness. So they would love to head off into the hills for a run or saddle up the mountain bike for a ride. If your lucky enough to live by the sea or lake then what about a refreshing outdoor swim. I know when the weather is nice my boys much prefer to be outdoors than hooked up to technology.

On the days when the weather is not so kind during a lockdown, we have done lots of family baking. Not only is this great entertainment and something we all enjoy, the rewards helps you to live more sustainably.

During a lockdown, we have baked scones, cookies, bread, and lots of delicious cakes. All with very little ingredients which you could quite easily have in your store cupboards. Obviously you need the shops and supermarkets to help you live your life.

It is also important to buy more sustainable clothing. Whilst these can be more expensive, the costs per wear generally out way the price tag. I remember my grandmother once buying a very expensive wool coat ( well expensive in her day) but she use to say “it doesn’t owe me a dime”. She had worn it so many times and it still looked good as new. The idea of spending a little more on fashion knowing that I will get a great deal of wear out of it,  is definitely  the way forward.

I have recently discovered a love for the cabbages and Roses and have been lucky enough to purchase some pieces. When the clothing arrived, beautifully wrapped in tissue with a hand-stitched tag. The cotton was delicately stitched but the quality and style were what appealed to me the most. The fact that the item was expensive made me want to choose well and love it. I feel this could be reminiscent of my grandma’s coat and will last me for many years to come.

At the moment living remotely is just an idea or maybe even a dream but if I can try to live a more sustainable life then that’s, the life for me. 

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