“O Christmas Tree “


After this year no one would forgive you for putting the Christmas Tree and celebrating an end to 2020. Therefore if you are going to put your tree up in November then you may as well go with a bang. Decorate your homes like its Harrods or Selfridges shop window. Go wild with the lights and crazy with the baubles. Whatever your decorating style then you are going to need a tree.

Now there are two camps when it comes to Christmas Trees. The real Christmas Tree lovers and the ones who prefer there tree to be artificial. It really is your own personal preference but you might want to factor in a few points for discussion before making your decision.

The Real Christmas tree:

The Real Christmas Tree, still comes with a decision, are you going to go for a Nordmann Fir or a Norway Spruce?

Do you have pets? not all your furry friends are going to like your new accessory, they may want to attack it or climb, either way, it’s going to cause you a headache.

How long will the Tree last? Your tree will need to be kept in water and whilst you can buy a bucket or stand for this, you are going to have to keep this topped up daily. Also, it needs to be away from direct heat, like a Woodburner otherwise the tree will dry out and die much quicker.

Needle Drop. even the best tree in the world will shed its needles, which means your going to need to hoover this daily to avoid standing on them.

Do you have space to accommodate the size of the Tree? We have all been there, they look tiny in the field and then you get it home and you can’t see the TV for weeks!

Do you have allergies? Real Trees do give off a scent so if you are an allergy sufferer you may find that this does affect you.

Value for money – most real trees start from £25 upwards so good value for money

Regardless of all those points to consider a real tree is beautiful and the epitome of Christmas so if you’ve considered all the points above and your happy then, that’s the tree for you.

Most local farms offer a pick your own service but no all offer delivery so you may want to factor that in.

Real Christmas Tree
The Artificial Tree

Artificial Trees have come along way in design and more manufacturers are making very realistic artificial trees. You still have a choice of options ie. Spruce, Fir etc and you can also specify whether you would like it pre-light or decorated. You can also choose the exact size and shape, should you have limited space. Other than finding a spot for the tree with access to electricity, there is really no other maintenance. You can see why Artificial trees are so popular. However to get a good quality tree you can pay in excess of £100 for a realistic-looking one but then you can use it year after year so makes it more sustainable. Have a look online at White Company, Balsam Hill, Next and John Lewis for the best Artificial Trees.


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