Recharge Your Batteries with a little Me Time


It’s essential to spend a little me time to recharge your batteries. Sounds easy, but is it? As a busy working mum, I can relate to how hard it is to make time for yourself. Generally, in the pecking order, the kids, work, and partners always take priority; however, unless you give yourself a little self-care, you won’t have the energy to be that person that everyone always relies on to be there for them.

Life goes by at a rate of knots, and sometimes it can feel like a treadmill that never stops. While organising and delegating duties help, you are only one person, and eventually, you will run out of steam. We all strive to be the best version of ourselves. But I think there is a lot of pressure to appear to have everything under control and phased by nothing. We know that, in reality, this is not always possible.

Making a conscious effort to reserve just a little part of the day or evening to allow yourself some me-time is achievable.

How to implement your Me Time

If you have thirty minutes or one hour every day to yourself, what would you choose to do? I find that just sitting with a magazine and a glass of wine is a perfect way to unwind after a busy day. I tend to choose that time when I know that the family has eaten and disappeared off to their own spaces. That way, you know you are less likely to be needed and interrupted.

What’s Achievable

Something else that I find relaxing is a beauty treatment. Whether that’s having my hair, nails, or eyebrows done, I always look forward to that time solely for me. It doesn’t even have to be costly. You could have a pamper night at home when the kids have retreated to their rooms. Put on a face mask, or apply some self-tan. The choice is yours. However, I am certain that you will benefit from the time spent looking after yourself.

Even while on holiday, you can make this time available. If the kids are happy surfing on the beach, why not choose that time to have a hot chocolate and read a book. Or if your lucky enough to be able to supervise them from the beach bar, then why not indulge in a chilled glass of wine. It’s easy to be everything to everyone, but allowing our children to be more independent in a safe way will make them better adults for the future.

If you are frazzled and feeling a little uncared for then, you aren’t going to be the best version of you. Just by implementing a little bit of the day for yourself can only be a good thing. Plus, I’m sure if you ask your family, they would be more than happy to oblige to see that mum is happy.

After all, mums are very important, and we take as much care of ourselves as we do our families.

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