Reclaim Lifes Simple Pleasures – Be Happy


Reclaim lifes simple pleasures by doing what makes you happy. Its important to get the most out of everyday and live your life to the full.

I once read a really lovely book called “ The wonderful weekend book” written by Elspeth Thompson. It was one of those books that you could read again and again. There are some lovely ideas for entertaining the family. The book contains some home-cooked recipes, as well as gardening tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of life. 

After reading the book I was inspired to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and just bringing back some old traditions. Whilst the book made me feel warm and fuzzy, its sad to hear that the author suffered from depression and took her own life. The author didn’t realize how special her book was. As indeed she was too. 

If you were to ask me what makes me happy then the obvious answer would be my family. As a family we love to go on family walks, camping, etc and just enjoy the simple things in life. We don’t live a swallow and Amazon lifestyle but we do like to make time for family life. 

One of the suggestions in Elspeth’s book was to take the family camping. This might not be possible for everyone but you can create this at home in your garden, see my previous article “ How to keep the kids entertained through the summer” for some inspiration. Whilst I love my home comforts even I can manage a night a two-under canvas. 

It’s very important to have happiness in your life as at times life can be stressful. If thirty minutes peace is what you need and then why not read a book in the garden or sit down with a cup of tea. 

After a busy day at work you may feel guilty that the kids have been parked in front of the tech, but just realise that the kids will probably enjoy a bit of downtime. Life’s simple pleasures could be just cooking their favourite tea. They aren’t going to remember you being stressed.

They will remember that bike ride you shared when you stopped off for ice creams or those strawberries that you picked and then ate on the way home so there was none left for baking. 

Reclaim Lifes Simple Pleasures

Try to take life as it comes and not put pressure on yourself to be the perfect parent. We all know that the idealistic world we think everyone is living is not always the reality. Whatever you do though make it count and release those happy endorphins.

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