Rise and Shine Superstar – Top Tips for an Early Start

by OneChicMom

Maximising your time management is about doing everything within your power to help your business achieve success and offers you a little balance into your life. Not everyone likes an early start, but to be honest I have learned that if i get an early start, not only can I achieve more during the day, but I feel more energised too. The extra hours in the morning give me the opportunity to start each day fresh and organised.

Here are a Few Tips to Help Kick Start Your Morning

Swap up Your Alarm

Waking up to an alarm raging, or a bright light blazing into your face is not at all pleasant or motivational. I have swapped my bedside alarm for a Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100 Wakeup to Daylight SAD light, from John Lewis.

Let the Daylight In

Resist the temptation to keep hitting the snooze button and get up and open those curtains. Sunlight will activate the body, helping you know that it is time to rise and shine. In the Winter months when the mornings are dark, invest in a Daylight box to optimise the same effect.

Have a Cold Shower

Energise your morning routine with a blast of cold in the shower. Not only will this wake you up, but will also improve immunity and boost circulation.

Have it Planned Out

Have a plan with what you are going to do with these extra hours, so you feel like you are really achieving something, and the trade off of getting up earlier is worth it. Maybe an early morning gym session, followed by a healthy breakfast and earlier start at the office to set you up for the rest of the day. I love that first hour in the morning when there are few staff in the office, and the phone isn’t ringing off the hook. I find it a a hugely productive time.

Get a Role Model

Lots of successful people start the day early. Richard Branson and Michelle Obama are two that immediately spring to mind. Find someone that you can connect with and copy their routine. We all have the same amount of hours every day, it’s up to us how we spend them. I hope that you find these Early Start tips helpful. Good luck being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.


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