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Stylish storage solutions are the perfect way to organise your home. I am very often asked how I juggle working full time with running a busy family home. My home isn’t a palace but I do like it to be tidy and clutter-free. When it’s not, I feel pressured and stressed.

We have all heard about Feng Shui and Marie Kondo but I do think whilst these are extreme they do make some good points. If your home is cluttered to the point where you cant find your everyday items then your life is going to be chaotic. If everything has its place then you will always be able to put your hand on it when you need it.

Whilst I am totally outnumbered by the male species in my home I do try and make them accountable for their own stuff. If they can’t find their homework or phone then it’s up to them to organise their space too.. And it does seem to work, well most of the time.

Storage is definitely a great tool to use within the home, whether that’s an old Christmas Hamper or a jar or storage box, they help to keep the space organised. Tidy Home equals Tidy mind for me.

My children have now grown up but I remember the days following Christmas when I needed to house all the new toys and presents and I couldn’t have done it without storage solutions and a little declutter. Unless you are going to extend your home every year or move to a large house, you need to declutter or rehome the items that you no longer use or love.

Cox & Cox offer some great storage solutions so why not organise your home and your daily life so that it runs a little smoother.

Stylish Storage Solutions from Cox & Cox

Cox & Cox Storage Cabinet


Cox & Cox Petite Blush Cabinet RRP £575.00

The perfect storage solution for the busy family home, organise all your jars, bottles and items in this elegant piece of furniture. Beautiful as well as practical.

Stylish Storage Bench


Cox & Cox Hallway Storage Bench RRP £395.00

Are you forever tripping over everyone’s shoes? This is the perfect addition to any hallway great for keeping everyone’s  items together in this stylish storage area which also doubles as a bench.

Cox & Cox Storage Pouffe


Blush Storage Pouffe RRP £175.00

This Cox & Cox Storage Pouffe is perfect for multifunctional storage. Its ideal for bedding and towels, but could be used for a wide variety of storage solutions.

cox & Cox Storage basket


Cox & Cox Two Tall Natural Storage baskets RRP £145.00

These beautiful baskets are a lovely addition to the home and very versatile. They come in two sizes and perfect to store toys, books, & games.

Log Storage Basket

Cox & Cox Log Storage Basket RRP £175.00

Perfect Storage solutions if you have a Woodburner or Open Fire. This basket is perfect to store wood or kindling whilst protecting your carpet & flooring from any excess dirt or mess.

Wire Storage Basket

Cox & Cox Wire Storage Basket RRP £25.00

These Cox & Cox wire storage baskets can be stackable so great space savers. Suitable to house any bills, papers or documents or maybe even craft supplies. Very versatile.

Hanging Storage Solution

Cox & Cox Hanging Storage solution RRP £25.00

This is where quirky meets practical, with this super stylish hanging storage solution from Cox & Cox. Perfect for hanging, office stationery, keys, craft items. Look great as well as practical.

There are so many stylish storage solutions now available to organise your home and your life. You don’t have to fill your home with ugly plastic boxes, there are alternatives available. Visit the Cox & Cox website for some great inspiration


Fortnum & Mason Christmas Hamper


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