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Onechicmom loves to support small businesses and especially women in business. The world is not always a positive place to be and social media can sometimes be a challenging marketplace. Not only for small businesses but for women of all ages.

Therefore it’s important to support small businesses online or on the high street. I love the Instagram platform as there are some fantastic small businesses being run by a full time working moms. This can sometimes be from their home, shed, or dining room table. These women are so inspiring and the kind of role models our children should aspire too be like. 

Onechicmom was thrilled when Corin @ No 33 Lifestyle agreed to give us an insight into how she became a successful boutique shop owner in Melbourne, Derbyshire whilst also being a full-time mum.

No 33 Lifestyle – how it all began

“My inspiration for opening No 33 lifestyle came from years of family holidays on the Cornish coast. We loved discovering the many small boutiques and stores but never believed that we would be able to open our shop. 

After the children had grown up and didn’t need me so reliantly I started to think about how I could get back into the workplace. I wanted to make our two girls proud of their mum. My husband runs a successful IT company, but it was time for me to find a new career path. 

Having children is still my greatest achievement and they know that to me they will always come first.

Pre children, I worked as a visual merchandiser so I think I had a love and an eye for homes and interior products. Once the realisation came that I could open my shop and use my previous skills and knowledge there was no stopping me. I know I couldn’t have started this without my husband and family support and I am grateful for that. Because they believe in me it makes me believe in myself.

We opened No 33 Lifestyle on 20th January 2018 and the shop is going from strength to strength. We have a very loyal customer base and I enjoy sourcing new products and lines to keep the store looking fresh. As well as our shop in Melbourne we also have an online store and this has proved very successful. 

When I think back to my days working as a visual merchandiser, I was never able to design my displays but now that’s Something I get to do everyday and I love it. 

My advice if you are thinking of setting up a small business:

The best advice I can give to anyone thinking of opening their own store is not to look back and follow your dream. I’m quite an organised person and try to plan with evening meals and household chores so that things don’t get out of control. I am lucky to have my husband and girls who are very supportive and they realise that they all have a part to play to make everything run efficiently.

It’s not easy being a full-time mum as well as running a business but the rewards out way the challenging times. My best advice would be to take friends and family up with their offer of any assistance. With hard work and support, you can be a full time working mum and business owner. I achieved this and you can too.”

Onechicmom has chosen a few pieces from No 33 lifestyles online store to inspire you to support small businesses. Why not head over to the website for more temptation.

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