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How can you support small business? I’m not sure if you have ever watched The Repair Shop on the BBC. What I love about the program is that it showcases the talents of some amazing individuals. They use their skills to create some fabulous masterpieces but they need support to grow and survive in this challenging market.

You don’t need to look far to find some amazing small businesses there are several of them on Instagram and also online sites such as Etsy and Folksy. These small businesses may be run from the dining room table, shed at the bottom of the garden or the spare bedroom but the quality of the products and the individuality appeals to me. 

In the current climate times are hard and every penny earned and spent involves careful planning. What I love is being able to purchase a product that has been lovingly made by an individual and I feel that I am supporting small business to be able to grow and that feels good.

There are so many small businesses out there here are just a small selection of some of the fantastic ones which I’ve come across and I think you will love too.

Brady and Blue

Brady and Blue

Check out Louise’s website at Brady and blue, for a fantastic selection of pom-pom garlands and bunting. She has a vast array of colours that can complement any room. Because they are handmade you can choose any colour choice and selected length. Check out her Instagram page for some great inspiration 

Love Lottie Knits

If you love colour and stripy knits then you are going to love Charly’s page she creates knitted handmade home accessories and gifts all with a little piece of individuality. Whether that’s a brightly coloured scarf or a cute little knitted owl then I’m sure you will be impressed. What I love about Charly’s creations is the quality of each piece, regardless of the size and the huge attention to detail she gives it.

support small business


Kerrie and her husband Sean run their fantastic business from their beautiful home studio workshop. They specialise in wooden personalised gifts and keepsakes. One of my favourites would be the Christmas Eve tray, you can even have this personalised with your family name. There is also space for Santa’s tipple and a carrot for Rudolph.

Just recently they have launched a new venture, showcasing some individual T-shirt designs adorned with great slogans. One of my favourites would have to be “fluent in sarcasm tee” and just recently have launched a new charity t-shirt “ personal space advocate” with 10% of the profits going to Age UK.

support small business


Jane Kent Studio

If you visit Jane’s site you will find a lovely selection of hand-stitched items with the most delicate designs. One of my particular favourites is the Rainbow embroidered Frames, such a beautiful keepsake or gift. She also creates customised cake topper flags or birthday badges which make for any occasion or celebration.

support small business


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