The Great Realisation – The Way Forward

by OneChicMom

Six Weeks in Lockdown gets me thinking about how happy I am and how I am spending my time. Like many, I have a family and a business, both affected by Covid19. Before the government Lockdown I was working 90+ hour weeks, collapsing on the sofa exhausted when I got back from work. My health was suffering from anxiety and lack of sleep. I simply couldn’t seem to switch off. Now I am sleeping well, waking up alert, have lost over a stone in weight and feel generally better than I have for a long time. The realisation of how toxic my life had become, has forced me kick start some new habits that are helping me get back on track.

Do not get me wrong I love my job, but for various reasons over the last two years, it once again has become more difficult. It’s become all consuming, robbing me of time with my family and having fun. I would not even take an hour off, let alone have a long weekend or a holiday.

When my father died just over three years ago, I promised that I would change the balance in my life. Well three years on and honestly, I have changed nothing. I have employed life coaches to help me with this, but their lack of interest beyond the ‘pound note’ has left me not only feeling disheartened but more positively, that maybe I already have the answers within myself.

The government Lockdown forced my hand. Six weeks of staying at home has given me the space to question everything.

Realisation and OneChicMom

OneChicMom is about realising the life you want to live and implementing the changes it takes to get you there. It is about living your beautiful life in harmony with the environment. It is about supporting local businesses who share similar ethics and vision. When we support each other, amazing things can happen. When we think of others and as I like to say, ‘pay it forward a little’ we are enriching not only our own lives but the lives of others too. It is about being kind; to ourselves, our loved ones, the community, animals and the planet in which we live.

Living like this does not mean we have to compromise on the quality of life, but it does mean that we must think a little more about our choices and how it affects others. Today is a new day and the perfect opportunity to live a better life. Make good choices. There is always an opportunity to start again and be happy. Much love xx

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