Top Ten Packing tips for a stress free holiday


Packing doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. However it does require a little planning and a whole load of restraint.

It’s easy to just throw in the contents of your wardrobe. But you know that you’re going to have to sit on that case to get it closed!

Also as you have thrown it in, the chances are it will need to be re ironed. Certainly not a chore you want to do whilst on your vacation. With a little planning, you can ensure that you have packed for all eventualities.

These are just a few tried and tested tips to get you started:

  1. Roll don’t fold – this is such a great tip, cuts down on creases and also makes the best use of the extra space 
  2. Don’t overpack – I’m sure we are all guilty of this, but how many times do you bring half of it back unworn. Think about the extra washing when you get back.
  3. Pack shoes in pairs and wrap in a carrier bag to keep other packed items from being soiled.
  4. Invest in a micro fibre towel like the ones @ Dock and Bay. Everyone can have an allocated colour so no mix-up, much less bulky to pack and dries within minutes.
  5. Try and pack colours that coordinate so that you can mix and match items to create multiple outfits.
  6. Don’t pack sun cream, it’s generally much cheaper to buy whilst your away and saves on the weight of the suitcase.
  7. Keep all passports, insurance documents, driving licenses, tickets, and boarding cards all together in a plastic see-through wallet. This makes it much easier to locate when needed and cuts down on lost items or items that disappear to the bottom of your bag.
  8. If you taking children, pack talc. This understated item is an absolute gem for getting sand from between their toes and also perfect to soothe irritated and chaffed skin. 
  9. Pack a small medical kit containing Calpol sachets, Ibuprofen, plasters, and balm. It’s reassuring to know that should you have a poorly little one in the night you can treat it without having to do a late-night dash to find a pharmacy. 
  10. Invest in a handheld baggage scale, it means you won’t have to pay for excess baggage. We have all seen that person at the airport with the contents of there luggage on show, whilst they try and distribute the weight more evenly.

Hopefully these tips have helped and you are packed and ready to go. Only one thing left to do is wish you a

Bon Voyage x

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