To Ski or not to Ski

by OneChicMom

Ok so here it is, I love the idea of skiing. My love of snow is well documented. I have been to Les Deux Alpes, Big Bear and Whistler. While I love the IDEA of skiing, I have never quite mastered it … at all. I’m easy to spot, I’m the one crying on the baby slopes, desperate to ski, but can’t quite make it happen. Babies and children (and my own child) flashing down the slopes like professionals all around me.

My top tip is to get some lessons before you go, you can’t wing anything about skiing, nothing at all.

The Altitude

Once you arrive in the mountains, the first thing that hits you is the altitude. Anything from lightheaded to full-on throwing up can occur until you adjust to the altitude difference.

The Cold

Then there is the cold. Weirdly enough despite there being about 5ft of fresh snow everywhere, its surprisingly warm when skiing around the base of the mountain. So layer up peeps, because the weather can change in the blink of an eye. Always exercise caution, my husband went up the mountain to shoop down with my sister, glorious sunshine when he left, full-on blizzard by the time they got down.

Ski Fitness

If you THINK you are fit enough, then you definitely are not. You have to be super fit, and I mean super fit. Even carrying the equipment is hard work and that’s way before you are anywhere near a slope.

Ski Boots

Ski boots are enough to put anyone off skiing completely. OMG, they are definitely the most uncomfortable footwear….ever, they make you cry just looking at them.

Will the Kids like Skiing?

Do not fear the kids will absolutely love it, it is you that will perform badly. The lower centre of gravity kids have make this a doddle for most kids. Whether its sledging, skiing, boarding, lessons or simply building a snowman, there will be stacks of activities for children. You can take them everywhere too, everyone loves families at ski resorts.

Despite all this, I am so in love with the ambience of it all — the romantic, cosy chalets with open fires. The apres-ski; mulled wine, fondue, raclettes and flickering candles in all the windows. Wrapping up warm in gorgeous cashmere, then bracing the elements with the family walking to the local tavern.

Next year I am booked in for ski lessons at the local snowdome. Not skis this time, but snow-boarding. Seriously I refer you back to those boots. Next year is my year of can do, not can’t be bothered. Come next winter, I am planning on taking all the family on a winter holiday and want to take part in all aspects of it. I am not bothered about flying down black diamond runs, but to master, the baby slopes would be a dream.

It’s a Snow Day

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