OneChicMom New Editor in Chief Joins HQ


Hello & welcome OneChicMom followers, we have made a few changes at HQ and I pleased to confirm that I am the new Editor in Chief.

I hope to be able to share with you some exciting articles that may be of interest. You may already know the ethos of our company but we love to share stories about family life, recipes, shopping, and tips to make life just that little bit easier.

OneChicMom The Team

Here at OneChicMom everyone contributes so we have a fantastic selections of ideas . We hope that you will enjoy the content just as much as we enjoy sharing this with you. We welcome your feedback and we love your contributions. 

If you have visited the “about us page” then you will know my love for pottery. I hope that you will agree there’s no better way to introduce our team than “ new personalised mugs ” for everyone.


Thanks for reading

Love Sam x



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