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Now that you have selected your Christmas tree, its time to add some White Company Sparkle. You might want to pop on the Christmas Tunes or a Festive movie, grab a glass of Gluhwein and then you’re ready to decorate. As a neat freak, I like to be in charge of the Christmas Tree decoration but maybe your more relaxed and are happy to let the kids have free rein. Either way, it should be fun and perfect to get you in the Christmas spirit.

What colour scheme to choose?

There are so many choices online or in-store to suit any colour scheme. I’m a traditionalist so I love the reds and greens and the classic options but you may want to coordinate your tree to your home decor. The diversity of the decorations available allow you to practically have any colour scheme.

Now, are you a lover of tinsel? Personally, it’s a no because I don’t like the fullness but if you love it then you should have it on your tree you. You may have antique decorations that you have hung for years, passed on through generations or you may have to start from scratch.

The White Company.

Do not fear because The White Company has got the perfect tree Decorations covered. The White Company offers that timeless elegance so you know you will never fall out of love for them. You also want them to be a sustainable purchase so the amazing quality Of The White Company products will ensure that you can hang them for years to come.

Now I don’t want to wish Christmas over but at the end of the festivities, it’s important to store your decoration properly to avoid any breakages over the summer months. The White Company have the perfect storage solution for your tree, with this useful tree storage bag. It’s so handy if you are storing in the loft as it has an easy to carry handle as well as being very sturdy to keep your tree in tip-top condition.

If you need more tree inspiration then check out suggestions for perfect tree decorations from The White Company

  1. Glitter Large Bauble RRP £8.00
  2. Glass Drop Christmas Decorations RRP £6.00
  3. Wicker Christmas Tree Skirt RRP £45.00
  4. Glitter Christmas Star RRP £4.00
  5. Ho Ho Ho Tree Decorations – set of two RRP £15.00
  6. Tree Storage Bag RRP £35.00
  7. Mini Mixed Baubles – set of Twenty Four RRP £40.00
  8. Cluster Star Fairy Lights – 80 bulbs RRP £18.00
  9. Wooden Crate Tree Skip RRp £65.00
  10. Glitter Love RRP £15.00

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